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Photographing in Kiev and across Ukraine: reportage

Professional photography in Kiev and all over Ukraine
by "PENUELVISION Production"

Reportage photography in Kiev and all over Ukraine is the photographer's work at concerts, exhibitions, corporate events, sports games, festivals, presentations, etc. Human memory is not limitless, and photos help us in the best way to remember about the event.

The human desire to stop the moment appeared long ago, but it has realized only with the invention of photography. Today photography is used where there is need to see, but it's hard to remember everything.

Репортажная фотосъемка
Shooting in Kiev and Ukraine:
The conference of "Gemeinsam fur Europa"

Usually there are no pictures or just few ones with moving people.  The guests take themselves pictures of each other; no one is watching them for catching andphotographing the bright moments for real reportage portrait. That’s why reportage photography in Kiev should be made by a professional photographer. So, work and play is impossible at the same time.  First of all it may seem that nothing is complicated in the photographer’s work. But just think the photographer cannot say to the model: "Please, stop or look at me.” There is need to catch every moment. For one second sooner or later and the photos won’t be so successful, as a result, photos just become as a meaningless bunch of paper, where you won’t find most interesting.

 Reportage photography

The photographer should be attentive all the time, watching the event and photographing the most interesting moments. He may ask you about group photos or if you wish to ask him about making some pictures. But most of the time the photographer is invisible and he should not interfere the event. The feature of the reportage photography is combining almost all genres of photography, such as a portrait, a landscape, still life and the photography of interior design and genre art. The photographer should work in each of them perfectly. Of course, it requires professional photographic equipment, because of shooting conditions may be very different, and not always favorable.

Reportage photography
Shooting in Kiev and Ukraine
The festival of "Fire Fest"

A professional photographer can also make a slide show of the best photos with music for watching on DVD. And next year at the same holiday you will have a wonderful opportunity to remember with friends what was before.

A photographer finds out all details with the customer before the work: what to emphasize, who should become a favorite and so on, because each event is individual and demands a separate approach.

Reportage photography
Shooting in Kiev and Ukraine
The concert of "Nuteki"