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Promotional video

Production of Сommercials

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Promotional video is one of the most effective ways to talk about products, services and offers of your company.

First, it provides high rate in hitting the target audience.

Second, it helps tuning from the competition. 

Third, it supports brand awareness.

Making commercials should be approached very carefully for living up your expectations.

Production of Сommercials
Production of commercials. Promotional video clip "Aurum"

So, the creation of commercials starts with an idea. It should be absolutely not the same as others competitors have. It should be good to remember, to cause only positive emotions and good association. 

That’s why the idea must be approached very seriously and do not regret spending time and effort. 

After we make storyboards, in other words making the preliminary sketches of the major commercial plans. The shooting process is based on the storyboards.

Production of Сommercials 
Production of commercials. Promotional video clip "Atlanta 2010"

When the preliminary sketches are prepared, the next step is the selection of actors who embody the idea of ​​the screen. 

Promotional video has to affect the feelings of the audience, to touch the soul and to inspire certain emotions. Good actors should play their roles realistically. It is important their looks and charisma, and ability to apply the idea in a way that it does not leave an audience indifferent.

Finally, after these steps we can start shooting process of a commercial. It is very important to take into account every part of shooting: location, decorations, costumes, quality equipment, lighting, force majeure. Moreover, it is impossible without editing, graphics, dubbing works and author's music.

Production of commercials is a lengthy and laborious process. 

However, the qualitative produced commercial is a real masterpiece of art which pleases the eye, touches the soul and causes positive emotions. And it's worth the effort!

 Production of Сommercials
Production of commercials. Promotional video " Apartment World "

Creating a TV commercial is a complex process that requires agreement of  many aspects with the customer. Sometimes the client does not know what he wants to achieve exactly, and just the right leading questions helps  to find the right direction in the work. 

Such questions are available in our brief. Download it and try to give the most detailed answers.