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Videography in Kiev and Ukraine: celebrations, shows, concerts

Professional videography in Kiev and in Ukraine with the company PENUELVISION® Production.

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The preparation of any cultural event such as a festival, a musical, a show or a concert program takes a lot of time and energy. So, professional photography and shooting are such important as water for our body. It provides analysis for whole process in professional advancement of an artist, a band or a group.


Start collecting chronicling archive now and later on you can watch the dynamics of your development!  Great advantage of archive chronicles is their value which increases in the years. Who knows, if you or your group were maybe in 20-30 years or even earlier those who would become mega-stars? And then the first records of your performances would be very interesting for people and television as a unique historical value!

Videography in Kiev and in Ukraine
Videography in Kiev and Ukraine. The presentation of the group "New Jerusalem"

It is impossible to work successfully without photo and video materials not only for the artists or groups, but for their producers and leaders as well as for their organizers. By the way, any client or the sponsor of such programs wants to see the result of their money investment. In addition, the high professional quality of photo and video materials can show in the best way the level of the event and it also allows tore-use these materials in variety of promotions and presentations. We also can prepare a short promotional video of your best performances for this purpose

Videography in Kiev and in Ukraine
Videography in Kiev and in Ukraine. Show of group "Nuteki"

Speaking about video in Kiev and all over Ukraine of course for such important events, we always offer multicamera shooting (using 3 cameras or more, the best option is using 6 cameras) according to technical and creative capabilities. Multifaceted video in Kiev will have more creative options for video montage. If we use in the filming operator's specials techniques such as camera cranes, dollies, remote-controlled truck, camera and stead cam suspended road, it will be an amazing project! All equipment serves for stabilizing the camera on movement (vibration compensation and removal of “shaking" effect).

Videography in Kiev and in Ukraine
Videography in Kiev and in Ukraine. Show of group "Spasenie"

We use variety of devices such as dollies ("manual" and remote-controlled), camera cranes with boom length to 22 meters with stabilizing panoramic heads, having three degrees of freedom, crane and steadicam (hand-held camera stabilizing system while shooting "on the fly "). With the help of the stabilizing equipment we removed dynamic shots when you need to create the effect of "flying" camera or cyclorama. Besides stabilizing panoramic heads have special holders which provide their fixing almost everywhere - at the helicopter, airplane, ship, boat, car, special suspension, traffic, etc. Using this equipment in the video shooting allows us to get really high quality, modern, dynamic and deserving attention product at the end, so, watching it you will not only enjoy it for many years, but you will also have a great advertising product of the highest level!